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The Weight of a PaperWeight

The weight of a paperweight!   So you know that thing where you always blame one parent……   Seriously,………’s like 99%full proof, and then……………   You recognize your crazy comes from more than one source,……… you’re welcome.     My mom is difficult to describe in a few paragraphs. You’ve read some lovely stories about […]

Pink Robes & Uzis

I can think of no better time to share this story than now. I’m sure you’ve been wondering why this blog is named Pink Robes & Uzis, well today you get to find out.   We must set the stage correctly: if you haven’t read any of the stories about my dad, then it’s probably […]

The Chinese Twilight Zone

Chinese Twilight Zone   This next installment is another collection of memories. I was only 7 years old when this took place. I remember a great many things in great detail, and others are just impressions.   My family traveled a great deal when I was young. Our trips would last between three and four […]

Now and Forever

I have been remiss the past few months in not writing my stories. I apologize to those of you who have been so supportive. I have many more stories lined up, but kept stalling out when trying to write them. The thing is, I think I was out of juice. For over 15 years I […]

If We Lose We Die, But If We Win We WIN!!!

I’m a freshman or sophomore in high school. As per usual, we are spending the majority of the summer in Mexico. This year my brother’s best friends Chris and Mario joined us for ten days. During that stay, we took a trip to Acapulco with our family friends the Choussales. The Choussal family consists of […]

Karma of the Human Starfish

The Karma of the Human Starfish Sometimes there are these moments in life where it feels like the inevitable conclusion that Karma will, in fact, avenge you. My Dad, as you may remember, was a philandering misogynist hypocritical bigot. That is putting it politely. Like lots of sociopaths, he lacked human compassion, empathy, and understanding […]

You No like’a the Chop?!

This coming Wednesday is Mick’s birthday. He would have been 59 years old and he passed away on February 28th, 2017. I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 months since my partner of 15 years succumbed to cancer. Amidst the tragedy of his death, I often reminisce in the brilliant stories he would share. This […]

The Weight of Dissatisfaction

My mom has always been very fit and thin. My dad was always heavy and not athletic. I am more like my mom with some serious tendencies from my dad. How do people get fat as they get older? Is it their age, an aging metabolism, abuse of the body in your youth? Did you […]

I am a Sick Man!!!

The fall of 1988, I’m about twelve years old. It’s a cold fall night in Palos Verdes. The house that I grew up in sits at the top of Portuguese Bend Canyon and overlooks the ocean and Catalina Island. It’s a beautiful place that has the feeling of isolation and privacy permeates in every woodchip […]

I Said Tuck and Roll Ladies!!

Karma is a bitch. My dad was a bigot.   My dad was the sort of bigot that society permitted and even supported. I cannot think of a time when my dad would not criticize or judge people. I mean everyone was grist for the mill: men, women, children and even animals! My dad was […]

How Best to Explain el Patron

When I first thought about writing these stories it was over 20 years ago. My mom and I had often discussed the numerous and outlandish stories about living with my father. This blog is actually named after one of my favorite stories about my Dad, but I’ll save that one for a later date. It’s […]

The Deadliest Slipper

So before we get started a few things that you should know. 1) This story does not make my Dad look good. He was a deeply flawed man and yet, he tried to love me as best he could. 2) This story highlights some dark truths that happened long ago. Never was an old slipper […]


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